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Twenty seventeen, it’s nearly over and I will be another year older. The new year feels like an extra fresh start for me as my birthday is January 1st, so I love making plans and lists of what I want to achieve.  This year has had a lot of highs and lows for me alongside one of the most unforgettable and painful experiences.

Just over half of this year I was pregnant and suffering from it. I had hyperemesis gravidarum which meant I had sickness, nausea, dizziness and lots of other horrible side effects until the end of the pregnancy. I ended up taking about 2-3 months off work as I just couldn’t hack it and needed to let my body rest. I’m so glad I did it and got through it. She has changed my life in the best way.

My anxiety certainly got worse during the pregnancy, but I assume it is the same for a lot of people who suffer with the illness. As I was so ill during the pregnancy and had so much wrong with me, it was a relief when she was born and I felt the best I had in so long. I also managed to lose over a stone during the pregnancy. It was like a sigh of relief, an easy albeit painful birth. Feeling amazing and so proud of myself and what my body could do. It makes you feel like a superhero.

It is a massive lifestyle change and I would forget to eat or when I did, just grab something quick and snacky. So, a lot of the weight has crept back on now. It’s not making me feel great but I am certainly aware of it and will be making big changes. I’m thinking of going back on Slimming world and documenting it on here or YouTube. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see that.

On the upside, my little Lily Isabelle Walker is here. She healthy, happy and the most content baby you could wish for. She sleeps through the night, rarely cries and just loves playing and relaxing watching TV. I feel I have been very lucky with her and can’t wait to see what happiness she brings in 2018 and how much she changes. She will start to grow into a little person with opinions and preferences, it will be amazing to watch unfold. Hopefully she will take after Mummy!

The rest of my year has been spent on maternity leave, its been so nice to be at home with Lily. It has given me a lot more time to focus on my blog and help it grow. I hope you have noticed guys! I’ve reached a few milestones in my blogging goals in the last few months and even been entered into the UK Blog Awards and you can vote for me here if you are a fan of my blog. Next year my blogging aims are to have a schedule of when I post on here and hopefully start to move onto Youtube more. It’s so hard to get into at the moment. I also want to really engage more with fellow bloggers, perhaps help host a few events as I have before.

Overall I would say this year has been tough but I have reaped the rewards vastly. I’ve brought a person into the world. Someone I will nurture, help grow and assist her in achieving all the goals she is yet to have. I have also realised I need a few changes in my life, big and small. The next year will be focusing on them. I’m not going to go into that too much as hopefully it will be better to go through it during the transitions.

I would love to hear how your year has been, the highs, lows, anything! Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Jazminheaven x
    December 19, 2017 / 9:11 pm

    Birthday twins!!! – I love your shots on this post. All the best for 2018 xx

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