Trying To Be Stress Free

Stress is everywhere and most of us experience it on a daily basis. I, like a lot of people don’t handle stress very well. I get tight chested, irritable and it also flares up my anxiety. I have started taking steps to reduce stress in my life and manage it better. My goal of 2018 will be to stress less and not worry over silly things that can’t be helped.

So what am I doing? There are a few things that all contribute to feeling better and not stressing so much that is working for me so far.

//01 Yoga & Meditation

It really keeps you self aware, focusing on different aspects of your life, learning to clear your mind and let go. You also focus on the different moves in yoga and not only does it boost endorphins into your system, there is a sense of achievement when mastering the different poses. I have really improved on my dancer pose and its one of my favourite poses to do. If you get up just a little bit earlier, do a sun salutation which can only take 10 minutes. It gives you a positive and peaceful start to the day. Ready to take on the world.

//02 Thrive App*

Last month I started using the thrive app, its a really detailed and helpful little thing on your phone. You can do a sort of assessment on how you are feeling, if you are happy, sad or angry. It then gives bubbles to filter down whats causing these feelings, and how its making you feel. It really gives you a self reflection and time to focus on what and why you are feeling these things. After the analysis it will recommend certain things to do to try and improve your mood and stress less. This could be to go on a website for free counselling, go for a walk or simply just take 5 minutes to sit and reboot.

I would highly recommend this for someone who gets stressed or worries a lot but can’t seem to come away from it. It send you notifications and gives you daily tasks to help improve your self care. It also helps detect and manage common mental health problems so you don’t always need to get to the point where you are so stressed you want to cry or smash something.

//03 Look after your body

Not only can your mind get stressed, your body can get stressed. You need to look after yourself in any way you can. Drink water, eat properly and exercise.  At the end of the day, you could think of 3 things that went well that day or your glad happened. Adopt these little things into everyday life and implement a bit more positivity to feeling better and stressing less.

What are your tips on stressing less? Let me know in the comments below.


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