Festive Favourites

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrr, I bet you sang that first line! Getting in the festive spirit is definitely my jam. Christmas is just the je ne sais quoi of the year for me. That perfection, that cherry on the top. Everyone is in high spirits as much as everyone being on the spirits. I even treated myself to a pre mixed can of vodka and coke for tonight. Look at me being a normal adult and having a drink. 

Back to todays topic, my favourites for this festive time of year. First of all home bits, you can’t have a festive season without fluffy socks, fairy lights everywhere and a hot water bottle. My feet always get cold so I just love my faux fur hot water bottle between my feet, keeping them warm while having a hot chocolate. 

Another thing that is a must have is a good book and some festive films. I’m currently reading the little book of Lykke. I am obsessed with the Nordic and Scandinavian way of life at the moment, I am in awe. Highly recommend. My all time favourite film is Arthur Christmas, I can’t wait to watch it with Lily this year. I know she won’t have a clue whats going on, but I will enjoy it.

Now, you can’t go through November and December without a perfect red lip and red nail polish. It’s the perfect bold colour to go along with your Christmas party outfit. Now to take selfies at that party you’ll need your phone and a festive phone case is the perfect addition. I got this cute case on amazon for only a couple of quid.

You can’t have Christmas without mince pies and Christmas jumpers. I only tried mince pies about two years ago and can’t get enough, need to make up for lost time. Who ate all the pies? Me, I did. BUT I only like them warm, not cold, perfect with cream or ice cream. I have a few festive jumpers but my goal is to have 25. Then as soon as 1st December hits, I have a festive jumper to wear everyday until Christmas.

What are your festive favourites, let me know in the comments below.


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