What I Got In My Goodie Bag | #PixieLottXKiss

If you’ve read my post here about my recent trip to London, you will know that I attended a lunch to meet Pixie Lott with Kiss Cosmetics. I won’t go to much into it again as I’ve gone into detail before but it was an amazing day. Beauty treatments, chats with Pixie and a few wines. It was perfect. When we left we received a gift bag with goodies inside. These are all from Kiss Cosmetics, I did get more lashes but have just focused on the ones I would use.

With Lashes I always go for a more natural look, I think it just doesn’t suit my face. I rarely where them as well, so when I do, I don’t want it to feel really heavy as I imagine they would. The four below are the ones I would definitively where to a party or day out. I chose Ritzy, Lily, Peony and Little Black Dress. They are so easy to apply and just give your eyes a nice pop. They lasted ages and didn’t turn up on the edges even after hours of wear. Very impressed.

With the nails, I am always a massive fan of Kiss impress nails. They are so quick and easy to apply, useful to have in your make up bag in case you have a last minute party or drinks after work. Just peel the film off the back pop them on, simple as that. I do find the busier I am the more likely a nail is going to ping off. However inside the pack you get 30 nails, so if you keep it in your bag you can just apply another one without a second thought.

You can see all of the nail designs below, my absolute favourite are the more glitzy ones with the glitter to add a bit of sparkle to life.

What is your favourite nails from these lot? Let me know in the comments below.


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