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Friday just gone was a wonderful day but the longest I have been away from my baby. I was surprisingly okay. I thought I would be a lot worse, she was left with people I trust and pretty much slept all day. Typical Lily! She’s a sleepy one, she’s asleep right now as I’m writing this. Also the fact I was distracted with an amazing party/lunch and London helped. I rarely go to London so I really embrace it when I do.

Anyway back to the day, it started early a 2 hour train journey to London Euston, catching up with Paige from The Last Paige. I hadn’t seen her for a while so it was lovely. We were kindly invited to Lunch with Pixie Lott, to ask her our beauty questions and see the amazing products from Kiss Cosmetics. After catching the tube to get to the venue, The Cuckoo Club we waited eagerly in line with excited fellow bloggers and journalists. I’ve not heard of the club before but it was a beautiful venue as you can see from the pictures. It had a wonderland vibe to it with all the faux plants around the room.

The room was filled with bloggers, journalists, the amazing staff from Alex Silver PR and of course people were awaiting the arrival of Pixie Lott. The last event was bigger, this one seemed a lot more intimate which I preferred as I hadn’t been out in so long and didn’t want my anxiety to start up. We were greeted with a cocktail, Paige and I opted for the Non-alcoholic just because it purely looked nice and was passion fruit, yum!

You could tell as soon as Pixie walked in the room, there was a buzz but people weren’t flocking to her and acting like excited school children, it was very relaxed. Obviously people were excited to meet her but she was wondering around the room so everyone would get chance too. While we waited to see her, we went to the station to get our lashes applied, I opted for the Lily lashes, of course! Paige went for Little Black Dress. I always like a more natural lash nothing to thick and fake looking.

We wandered over to Pixie, introduced ourselves and had a chat. She was so lovely and down to earth, she was wearing the Daisy lashes which looked amazing and I will be trying them out on my next night out. She saw a picture of Lily on my phone background and asked to see her, then mentioned she was adorable. Who am I to disagree? She is! Pixie looked glam in her body con dress and heels, while rocking some volumed curls.

After our chat, we went over the nail station and chose some lovely nails to get applied, I went for a elegant pastel pink with some glitter for the accent nail. Gotta have a bit of glitter! The lunch, well it was much more like a party lasted about 3 hours, we had drinks from the bar, mingled with some bloggers and then went and explored London a bit on the way back to the station. There were people walking about with Blue boxes and I was intrigued, I wanted to know what was in them and kinda wanted one. Going around the corner I found it, a Cinnabon. I was over the moon, cinnamon rolls are my favourite and these ones were huge! I went and grabbed one and honestly I could go for another right now but it’s a bit far away.

Have you tried impress nails or Kiss cosmetics lashes? Let me know in the comments below!


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