Making Money With Makeup!*

Makeup means different things to different people. For some, it’s an opportunitiy to enhance their beauty, and for others it can be their mask from the world. Some enjoy the creative aspect, as it really is an art form. However you use makeup it can be extremely fun, but did you know you could make good money from your passion? Here are three ideas.

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Become a Makeup Artist

If you have a love of makeup and are a bit of a people person, becoming a makeup artist could be a fantastic career change. If you work mobile you have flexibility which is great if you have things like childcare commitments, study or part time work. You will need to go to a college or a specialist makeup school where you will learn everything from the workings of skin to makeup and product application and even things like special effects makeup. You could work on a makeup counter, or specialise in something like wedding makeup. Hen parties and girls before a big night out will often hire a makeup artist so you could add packages like this to your price list.

Start a Selling Business

Buying and selling for a profit is a solid business plan regardless of the products. But there’s a big market for makeup, and the chance to earn a good amount. End of line products are often sold on wholesale websites and clearances, meaning you can snag lots of brand new products cheaply. You could then sell items individually for a profit, or go a step further and create bundles. A selection of products in a makeup bag with a little mirror and a couple of samples too for example would catch people’s attention. How about a ‘full face’- foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Anyone looking to gift makeup or just top up their stash would have a perfect collection of products. If you use a company like Shiply you’ll save on courier costs too, which means more profits. Check out different makeup wholesalers and see what kinds of products you can get your hands on to sell.

Write a Beauty Blog

The great thing about writing a beauty blog is that you don’t have to be an expert in makeup, you just have to have a passion for it. You could review products and tell your audience how they worked for you, people like reviews from real people so your opinion is valuable. You could show what different products look like on your skin, how you find the quality based on the price and other important details people will be looking for when considering buying the product themselves. It can take time to earn money as a blogger, but if you start as a hobby in time you’re likely to get contacted about paid work. Bloggers also get sent cool free stuff too which is a nice perk!

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How would you make money with your passion for makeup?


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