Lunch In London

As you can see from my latest post I recently was invited to Lunch in London to meet the lovely Pixie Lott. The last event I went to I was heavily pregnant and coming up to leaving work so my outfit wasn’t the best shall we say. I wanted to feel better in myself this time, comfortable but with a bit of glam. I had about £20 so I went to Primark, as you do. Pretty much 80% of my wardrobe is Primark…

My confidence has taken a dip recently as I know I’ve just had a baby but I’m struggling to eat properly due to Lily’s schedule and finding the time or energy to make something healthy. I’m slowly putting things into place but a few pounds have creeped back on after giving birth so I’ve been feeling a bit blue about it.

I picked up this shirt and jumper combo. It was stretchy enough around the middle and the shirt covered my baby belly aftermath. This gave me a bit more confidence for the day. It fit really well and was a steal at only £13. I knew I needed a bit of bling so I got a faux diamond statement necklace for £4 which really just pulls the outfit together in my opinion.

For comfort I just went for some black leggings which I already have at home, some pointed toe black flats with embodied detail and a silver block heel. The last part of my outfit was my bag, it’s from Primark from a while ago but is pretty much a dupe for the Zara bag. So I went in head to toe Primark. I don’t think I could say Primark any more times! I just love it aha.

What would be your perfect lunch outfit? Let me know in the comments below.




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