LifeCake – A Perfect Personal Christmas Gift*

Christmas is only about 5 weeks away now, it creeps closer and closer. Not everyone is prepared and hasn’t started there Christmas shopping. I have about half of what I need already. I knew being on maternity leave it would be tight this year so started very early. A gift that I will be giving to a lot of family is photos and personalised items of Lily. It’s a perfect present and not really expensive. Plus a lot of people love photos of their niece’s, cousins, granddaughters. 

You can get them from lots of places online. I came across LifeCake who were nice enough to send me some products to see how they are. I opted for a phone case, which is for me of course. A calendar for a family member and some prints to put on the fridge, give to family and put in frames.

The quality of the products are remarkable, the pictures are clear and the quality isn’t compromised by putting it on something like a phone case. It would be a perfect present for a new Dad or grandparent. 

The delivery was super fast and nothing was bent or damaged in the process.I absolutely love all of it and will certainly be looking at getting some more bits on here for presents.

LifeCake also allows you to share the pictures and videos online with friends and family so they can order things as well if they want and you don’t have to keep sending photos to different people, they can all access it on there. Super handy!

You can get 25% off your first order with LifeCake using the code ‘drainedbeauty’ which is valid until 31st January 2018.

Have you ever brought personalised presents? Let me know what they were in the comments below or what you would want if you’ve not brought them before!


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