DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas*


Christmas isn’t far away now, and have a week until December finally hits and it is once more acceptable to have a huge tree and tinsel all over your home. Decorating your home at this time of the year and making the most of letting your creativity flow is a huge part of the magic and fun of the festive season.

However, when you have a small child and a family to look after, it can be a little difficult to splash the cash on all of the decorations we want for this time of the year. This is why thanks to sites like Pinterest, we can make our own fun decorations for Christmas without spending all of our hard-earned cash at once. Here are some fun DIY decorations you and the kids can make together for christmas!

DIY Stocking

If you don’t want to go out and buy a stocking, buy some fabric you like instead and make your own. You can personalise it by sewing on some lovely lettering or images that you love to put your personal stamp on your stocking.

Christmas Tree Mason Jar Candle

If you want to turn an old mason jar into the perfect festive candle in time for Christmas- all is some paint and a little imagination. Make a small template of a Christmas shape such as a tree or a snowflake, and then paint the whole jar apart from that shape in a festive colour. You can then either fill the jar with a candle by melting down wax yourself, or simply add a small tealight into it.

Gift Bow Wreath

If you have some wrapping decorations still left over from wrapping gifts for the family, you can use the bows to create a fun, colourful wreath for the house. Get a wire wreath hoop and stick the bows all the way around the wreath until you have a colourful, fun and shiny wreath to hang up on the door.

Pillow Covers

Take some burlap and use it to create cushion covers for your living room. And then once you have the cushions covered, use fabric paint to write words like Joy, Love or Festive. It will instantly add that element of Christmas to your living room.

Tree Skirt

If you hate what the bottom of your tree looks like on the floor, you can cover it up with empty ‘gifts’, wrap some tinsel around it or even make a skirt out of felt in a classic Christmas red so you can’t see the feet.

Merry Garland

If you want to make your own garland this December, there are so many different options you can go with. The first option is having a garland which simple says ‘merry’ or ‘merry Christmas’. Garlands are a great thing to have in your home if you have a large blank space on the wall which needs to be filled it can do a great job of bringing everything together and making it all look super festive. All you will need is some paper or card in a Christmas colour, and then some ribbon or string to hang them on. Cut out your letters in freehand, and then usebattery glue guns from Glue Guns Direct to stick the letters onto the string. Leave it to dry for a little bit and then hang it up in your house! It couldn’t be any more simple and there are so many different ways you can make a garland for the home.

Table Runners

If you want to add an extra feature to your Christmas dinner table, you can make your own table runner using a strip of burlap and some ribbon. Measure your table and make sure that you cut the burlap to how wide you want it- and so that it hangs a few inches over each side of the table. You can cut the ends into triangles if you want a fancier look. Then every ½ inch- cut a small slit in the edge of your burlap and thread the ribbon through. The end result will look perfectly rustic and festive.

Scarf Wreath

If you have a plethora of festive scarves and you know that you can’t possibly wear all of them during December- use one to make a wreath! Don’t worry- you will still be able to wear the scarf after Christmas. Simply buy a wire wreath hoop and wrap your scarf around it. There is no glue or cutting involved so after Christmas you can unravel it and put your scarf back in the wardrobe!

Christmas Lights Made Better

Update some plain fairy lights with some festive paint and tinsel to make them the perfect festive set of lights for the house.

Peppermint Mason Jar Candles

If you love christmas scents like peppermint, you can make the most of the festive season by making your own peppermint candles. All you will need is some white wax, a little red food dye, peppermint oil and a wick. Clean your jar and place the wick inside- you will want to wrap the end of the wick around a pencil and place that horizontally over the mason jar to keep the wick straight. Melt down some wax in a pan along with a few drops of peppermint oil for scent and then pour it carefully into the jar. As the wax starts to dry a little bit, drop a few drops of red dye into the jar and swirl it around for a marbled effect. Finish off by tying a candy cane to the jar.

Snow Globe Terrariums

If you have any jars in your home which you could use for decoration, take them and clean them out- then start creating a winter wonderland inside the jar using cotton wool, plenty of glitter and small festive houses.

Photo Bauble

All you will need a is lively polaroid of you and a family member, an empty bauble and 10 minutes to make the perfect photo bauble as a gift or to hang on your tree.


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