Christmas Fragrance Wishlist*

Summer is over despite the occasional sunny day we still get, but it’s got that crisp chilled air alongside it. In my opinion perfect symbiosis. In Spring/Summer my fragrance for the warm months were something very floral and fun. I opted for Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Now we are in Autumn/Winter I can change it up, I’m not sure which one I want to go for but there are three that are in the running for the win.

My first choice would be Vision in a dream Mesmeric by Clive Christian. This is a ladies perfume with a scent of cinnamon which to me just screams Christmas time so it would be perfect to get in the mood for this time of year. This is a more luxury perfume and on the more high end side so can be a bit pricey. But it something that would last and you would smell amazing like a cosy night in sitting in front of the fire with a cinnamon latte and mince pie. Just perfection.

My second choice is a floral scent but has a musk to it and has always been one of my favourites and that would be Flowerbomb by Vicktor and Rolf. It’s a classic for me, I’ve always loved it. I find its perfect for everyday and a night out. They have brought out more scents like a spice one which would be more fitting to Christmas time but the original flowerbomb will always have a place in my heart and my bag!

My third and final choice would be Heat by Beyonce. This is a more affordable fragrance that you can normally get on sale for about £15. This has again been one of my favourites for many years. It has a warm musky scent which in my opinion seem quite a ‘grown up’ perfume. I feel like it’s something I would wear to work and just have that ‘go girl’ attitude. I guess that is what Beyonce is all about though!

What would your winter scent be? Let me know in the comments below!


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