Sunday Summary #21

Not only are Sundays my favourite day in the week, we are approaching my favourite season which makes them just that little bit better. Baking, relaxing, reading, pampering, duvet days with Netflix. The day is just full of potential. I also love Sundays to prepare me for the week ahead, whether thats pre preparing some dinners or just writing a to do list. 

This week has been good, but challenging in some ways. It’s been pretty relaxed but I’ve been extremely busy and social which considering I also have a 6 week old baby I’m surprised I can juggle it all. I’m very lucky, Lily is such a good and content baby. She rarely cries and when I’m out and about she’s either asleep or just looking around as the world passes her by. 

I went to the dentist this week, had a tooth out and 2 fillings, wasn’t the highlight of my week but I’m happy I got it done as I was getting to the point where I had tooth ache every single day and anyone that has had it, the pain is overpowering. I also went to the doctors, got my flu jab and had my implant redone, don’t want anymore babies at this moment in time. One will do thank you very much. 

Other times have been coffee dates with my friends, shopping in primark for some clothes Autumn esque which I may do some fashion/haul posts on. Also buying baby clothes is a must now, Primark have the cutest baby clothes and so cheap, some of the tops I brought her were £1.50, cheaper than my PSL from Starbucks. 

This week has also included some firsts. The first projectile vomit from my baby girl which soaked myself and my sofa at 3 in the morning. After getting changed and cleaning up, I then went to change her and got squirted with forcefully exiting poop from her little normally cute bottom. I then had to change again….luckily after that she slept soundly for about 5 hours, which I certainly needed. Today she will also be going to Scotts parents on her own. The first time without me, I’m nervous and know I will worry about her and miss her. I know its important for them to get used to spending time apart and also to get quality time with Scott so I know its for the best. Doesn’t make it any easier but I know I will be able to handle it…hopefully. 

How’s your week been? Let me know in the comments below.


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