Lily | Four Week Update

For some reason, time seems to just fly by when you have a newborn. It could be a mix of sleep deprivation, frequent visits off people who want to swoon over Lily and what feels like constantly doing washing. The washing pile never goes down. She gets through so many outfits, she has more clothes than me! Yesterday was actually my due date and today she is four weeks old, its crazy.

But yes, Lily is 4 weeks old. I can’t believe it, looking back on older pictures, she’s already growing so much. The love I have for this little cutie is unconditional and everlasting. I couldn’t imagine a day without her now.

Lily Loves:

  • To hold hands
  • Sleep all the time
  • Have cuddles
  • Make strange and hilarious faces
  • Baths
  • Ewan the dream sheep

Lily Dislikes:

  • Nappy changes
  • Medicine (She had oral thrush, all better now)
  • Waiting for milk when she’s hungry
  • Being cold

Stats & Stuff:

  • Weight – 6lb7 (she was weighed at a week old, probably a lot bigger now)
  • Still in newborn clothes, just about to fit into 0-3 months (some of them drown her still)
  • Can lift her head up and hold it to look at you
  • Drinks about 5oz in each feed

She is a very content baby and hardly ever cries, but she does this weird grunting and straining thing sometimes when she’s trying to get to sleep. It keeps me up and at the moment she’s a very hungry baby so I can be up about 4-5 hours in the night just feeding, burping and changing. Its not great but then other nights she will sleep for about 4-5 hours straight which is amazing. I guess at this age they just don’t have a routine but it will improve as she gets older. Heres hoping.

One of the hardest things I’ve found being a new parent is the advice everyone wants to bestow upon you, mostly contradicting each other. Even the midwifes contradict each other. How is anyone supposed to know what to do with completely different advice and information. I would say go on your gut instinct as a mother. Obviously some things are common knowledge, don’t do anything to hurt your baby. I really appreciate advice from friends and family don’t get me wrong. I mean like random old people on the bus, even the optician when i went for an eye test was telling me what I should do. Sometimes its just a bit much and I don’t want the constant jab that I don’t know what I’m doing. I might not in some situations but I will ask for help if I need it. Mini rant over.

All in all, I love my little Lily more than I could imagine and I can’t wait to see how much she grows over the next four weeks.

Any tips for a new mum? Let me know in the comments below.


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