Aspirations In The New Chapter Of Life

Life changes, sometimes very suddenly, sometimes by surprise, sometimes you don’t even realise a major shift has happened in your everyday. Recently for me the big life change was expected but also unexpected in ways. Being a mum, you don’t realise how much it can affect you and almost rewire your brain. 

Now when I watch TV and I see a girl in heartbreak I just think that could be Lily and it genuinely upsets me that one night in the distant future she could be absolutely shattered by a boy. Everything I do now is for her and our family. I want to improve our lives, I want to lose weight and be healthy for me but also so I can run around and play with her. But most importantly live as long as possible and always be there. A shoulder to cry on, a dance partner or even just a cuddle buddy if she’s not feeling well. 

Having Lily has made some already strong aspirations become more in the forefront of my mind as well. I really want to be able to focus on my blog and grow it. If I can grow it to the point where I can almost have even half an income from it, I can reduce my hours at work, work more from home and spend a lot more time with Lily. I want to be there for her always, unfortunately bills and rent need to be paid which means come April time I will be back at work and handing her to someone to spend the day with. 

I really want to go back to school as such. I have been looking at open university but as I have a passion for blogging I feel literature or marketing would be a good road for me to go down. I love learning, I miss school and college and coursework. I’m such a nerd but I just think you can never learn enough. It’s important to always expand your mind. Not just get a job and then become stagnant in life. 

So my main aspiration as the moment in a round up is look into going back to uni part time or from home, get fit and lose weight and just be happier in life.


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