Pixie Lott & Kiss Cosmetics Event

So on Tuesday I was kindly invited to an event in London with Alex Silver PR. The event was to celebrate new products and the fact that Pixie Lott is the new brand ambassador for Kiss Cosmetics. I have worked with these guys a lot and they are so lovely to work with. Also let me tell you they know how to throw a party.

Me and my next door neighbour Paige got the train down to London and used Siri to guide us to the hotel where it was being held. Siri you lifesaver. Upon entering we were greeted with cocktails (non alcoholic for me of course). Mine was a elderflower spritzer but to be honest it just tasted like a virgin mojito so I was a very happy girly. We took in how lovely the room was, centred was a pool with floating candles giving the room a relaxed glow. People laughing, drinking and some even having a little boogie.

There were several stations around the room, one where you can get glitter put on your face, felt like a festival but looked amazing as you can see from the pictures. Then there was a station for lashes and nails, where you choose which ones you want then get them applied. I did all 3 three, of course. Why wouldn’t you? I felt very glam, which was nice because it was impossible to find some nice maternity clothes so I felt very plain on the clothes front but not for long.

With the sad events that happened only the day before in Manchester, when Pixie Lott came in for the performance we had a minute silence and she sang ‘All you need is Love’ in tribute. She then went on to sing some of my absolute favourites! ‘Broken Arrow’, ‘All About Tonight’ and the new single ‘Baby’.

It was a relaxed event where you could mingle with the PR staff, other bloggers and some professionals there as well. Some people I met which I had spoke to online or through e-mail and it’s nice to be able to put a face to a name. All the nails and lashes were beautiful and with the goodie bag I’m set for a while!

I loved going to London, travelling back the same day was a lot and being quite heavily pregnant it drained me and I ached everywhere. I think in the future I will probably stay over night! It’s a lot of travelling for one day but completely worth it, I would still do it again if I had to and I plan on going to London for a day probably after the baby is born to take it all in. In a touristy way of course with a few blogging/outfit snaps to stock up on for future posts!

Have you used Kiss Cosmetics before? What is your favourite product? Let me know in the comments below!


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