Joan Collins Compact – Must Have For A Night Out*

The new Joan Collins Compact is one of my favourite items to have when you are going out for a meal or an event. It’s a powder and lipstick duo, which is what I always take with me for a night out. I use them to top up my make up through the night so I still look good, or hope to do anyway. I also take a blusher too but I like having rosy cheeks! 

This powder stays on really well and gives a matte finish which I certainly want with the summer coming up and you get all sweaty. The lipstick is a very true red, a bold lip which goes well with minimal eye make up. Again, perfect for the summer as you don’t want to be plastered with make up and end up looking like the joker as it melts off in the heat. 

You can get this handy gorgeous gold compact here. I love all of the lipsticks, I’m getting quite a collection now, so you can always swap out the compact for the shade you are using. So so handy!

I would highly recommend as an overall great product and definitely worth getting.  Have you tried it before?

What is your must have item to have with you all the time? Let me know in the comments below.


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