25 Things I Learnt Before Being 25

Hey, I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but as you can tell this year so far has been a bit crazy for me. Here are a few things I have learnt and picked up over my 25 years on this earth. Obviously there are a lot more but this is a start. I would love to know if you agree/disagree or have had different experiences in the comments below!

  1. No one else knows what they are doing either, everyone is stumbling through life in their own way.
  2. Bad habits are hard to change, but worth it (for me, binge eating)
  3. Self care is so important and is different for everyone, find what makes you feel happy and peaceful and keep at it. 
  4. I really do miss school, it was such an easier time in my life and lots of fun.
  5. Knowledge is power and it’s always good to make sure you have a decent education.
  6. It’s completely fine to have productive days where you get everything done and days where you do absolutely nothing except sit in front of the TV and eat.
  7. People will come and go in your life, friends and family. It’s completely fine but the ones that stay are the ones that matter. They are the ones to spend your time with.
  8. Find a hobby you love, if I didn’t have blogging I have no idea what I would do in my spare time.
  9. You can plan and make lists but sometimes life just has a different choice for you. Embrace and adjust, make it your own.
  10. No one wins when you procrastinate, you are causing more stress and its easier to just get stuff done.
  11. Planning for the future is great, people like me needs plans. But don’t live in those plans, enjoy the present. Don’t live in the past either, the present is called present for a reason. It is one.
  12. Life is short, so enjoy it.
  13. Helping others in need is important and something almost insignificant to you could change someones life. 
  14. Sometimes you need help, there is no harm in asking for it, whether thats from a friend or a professional.
  15. A positive mindset can make all the difference.
  16. Eating healthy is a good habit, good for the soul and important to stick at.
  17. It’s really important to have savings and put money aside for a rainy day, there have been a lot of occasions when it comes in handy which you cannot predict.
  18. Do what makes you happy. Doing my make up, getting a Starbucks and cinema dates are small things but improve my mood instantly.
  19. Relationships need work and love is one of the greatest gifts of all.
  20. It’s never too late to get back in contact with someone, family or friend. 
  21. Fight for what you believe in and what you believe is right.
  22. Drinking alcohol never did me any good, I don’t see the point in it and I’m glad I don’t drink anymore. 
  23. Don’t give into peer pressure. I had so much pressure from teenage friends wanting me to try drugs, I never gave in and I am proud of it. Don’t be a sheep, don’t follow the crowd.
  24. Work is hard, especially if you don’t enjoy it. But you go to work to make money, not friends. Sometimes you just have to suck it up. Gotta pay the rent.
  25. Learning to enjoy your own company is one of the best things you can do. Be alone without being lonely. 

What things have you learnt in life so far? Let me know in the comments below


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