Five Things No One Told Me About Being Pregnant

Since being pregnant a few things have happened to me or I have experienced which I had no idea would be involved in pregnancy, I’m sure I will look back and laugh…well maybe. Anyway, read below for a few things I wish I knew before!

1. The internet likes to scare you into an anxious pool of worry

As most mum-to-be’s would, I liked parenting and pregnancy Facebook pages for tips, baby clothes pictures and all that positive wonderful influence to help me cope with the changes coming my way. However, I was then inundated with articles to terrify me. ‘Is it safe to eat grapes when pregnant’ or ‘Is it safe to dye your hair when pregnant’ and ‘Is it safe to have a bath when pregnant’. I found myself questioning and googling everything because they feel like scaring you into basically just sitting there while pregnant, not doing anything until you pop. I would recommend always asking a doctor or your midwife for things to avoid because some of these articles made no sense and was just something they wanted to throw out there for page visits.

2. Nipple pain

I expected to get tender breasts while pregnant, mainly because it was the first symptom I had to make me think I could be pregnant over Christmas. However, no one explained that when your nipples got cold, there would be a deep pain in your breast you are unable to get rid of and as phoebe said in Friends, it felt like ‘My nipples could cut glass’. Ouch!

3. Bursting Blood Vessels

As I touched on in my recent announcement post. I suffered from sickness quite bad. So bad in fact that I was so aggressively sick I burst blood vessels in my face and eyes. It was quite a shock after being sick and it actually hurting your face and your whole body. I slumped over to the mirror after cleaning up and had what looked like a rash. Obviously worried I went to the doctors and found out you can burst the tiny blood vessels in your face and eyes. I then checked my eyes and behold, red patches in both eyes again where they had burst. This was quite a worrying experience having no idea why you just come up in this weird ‘rash’.

4. You can get ill easier but can’t treat it

I always seem to pick up bugs and things anyway but while pregnant your immune system is compromised as you are well, in fact growing a human being and they are the priority. So you are more likely to pick up colds and viruses. Unfortunately again because you are pregnant you can have paracetamol and that is pretty much it. Oh and soothers, which are a glorified sweet and don’t really do anything. It felt so much worse and took longer to get over without the warm and lovely Beechams blackcurrant drinks which always made me feel better. I have opted for hot water with honey and lemon which helps soothe but not quite like actual medicine.

5. Everyone becomes a negative nelly

When people find out you are pregnant, in my experience tend to go for the negative things first and tell you how painful childbirth is and how you will suffer. It would be nice for you to just be happy for me and not try to scare me about this already seemingly impossible thing I will have to do. I’ve also noticed a lot of people have opinions on when you should announce your pregnancy, which again to me is a very personal thing. It’s no one else choice but yours at the end of the day, there are reasons why I delayed which I’m over now, people need to just deal with it.

Are you pregnant or have had a baby? What have you experienced? Let me know in the comments below.


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