Saving Money While Looking Good In Four Easy Steps*

Look For Beauty Dupes

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Luckily for anyone who loves beauty but can’t quite afford the high end prices, there are plenty of high street dupes out there that you can use that will give you a high end look without making as much of a dent in your wallet. Sleek’s Rose Gold blusher is an almost exact dupe for the famous NARS Orgasm blusher, while Makeup Revolution’s Iconic eyeshadow palettes are great quality with excellent pigmentation – and extremely similar to Urban Decay’s legendary Naked palettes. NYX’s HD translucent setting powder works just as well as Laura Mercier’s famous powders, and I Heart Makeup’s chocolate palettes are dupes for the Too Faced ones.

Keep Hydrated

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There’s very little that’s as important as hydration for your general health. Your complexion is made up of skin cells, which are made largely of water – so of course, if you get dehydrated then so does your skin, and it will stop glowing and start to look dull. This happens particularly easily in the winter when you’re less inclined to drink water and you’re getting a lot less sunlight. Make sure you use an intensive moisturiser and that you drink your eight glasses of water each day. If you don’t like the taste of tap water and you don’t want to destroy the environment by constantly using plastic bottles, check out water filter jugs as an alternative option.

Check Out Second Hand Clothing

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You can get some incredible fashion finds in charity shops and on eBay. Finding incredible clothes in charity shops is almost like an art, but primarily the area that the shop’s in is what really matters. Obviously if it’s an upscale area then the clothes that are being donated are likely to be higher quality than they would be elsewhere, and you might find designer brands at incredibly cheap prices. Even if they aren’t designer, you can always find some great clothes and accessories in charity shops. Eighties and nineties styles are really coming back into fashion. If you see something you like that looks a little outdated, ask yourself whether Rachel in Friends would have worn it. If so, it’s probably a pretty cool fashion piece now and you should buy it and add it to your wardrobe immediately. Other good charity shop finds include good quality leather handbags and shoes – they’ll probably look better for having aged a little.

Make Sure You Accessorise

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Of course, over-accessorising is a huge fashion crime that even Coco Chanel advised against, and any cheap jewellery that’s trying too hard to look expensive instantly makes every outfit look cheaper. Chanel’s piece of advice to look in the mirror and take off one item before you leave the house is a good one. But good accessorising can pull together an outfit brilliantly. No one’s saying that you need to match your bag to your shoes – in fact, that’s something that’s a bit more suitable for your mum’s generation. But a great bag, your new boots, or a statement necklace can make you look a lot more put together. Most of all, remember that if your winged eyeliner’s on point then everyone will assume that the rest of your outfit is a clever fashion statement instead of something you picked up from your bedroom floor seven minutes before you had to leave the house.


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