Use These Tips To Make A Statement With Your Jewellery*

Making a statement with your jewellery is a great way to enhance your outfit and look a little more interesting. Your clothes can tell people a lot about you, but so can your jewellery. These tips can help you to make a statement with your jewellery:

Choose One Statement Piece And Work Around It

Start by choosing one statement piece for your outfit and then work around it. If you really want to wear a statement necklace, for instance, choose the rest of your clothing and accessories based on that. Don’t get dressed and then try to make the item work. When you have your statement piece, it’s a good idea to keep your other accessories fairly simple so that this item gets all of the attention.



Pick A Contrasting Colour

If you want to make a statement, how about picking a contrasting colour? If you’re wearing a purple outfit, for instance, how about making a statement with green jewellery? It might sound strange, but it can really work and make your outfit so much more exciting.

Mix Metals

Mixing your metals is a good way to make a statement too. Contrary to what many people believe, you don’t need to wear the same colour jewellery all over for it to look good. You can mix whatever you like, whether it’s gold and silver, silver and rose gold, or all three of them. There are a few different tutorials on how you can do this online, so take a look and see what you can learn from them. You can easily get some ideas on what to use for this – view more here.



Mix Statement Pieces If You’re Brave Enough

Some people like to stick to one statement piece, but this isn’t a rule you have to stick to. How about mixing statement pieces? You can mix a number of statement rings, for example, or wear both statement earrings and a statement necklace. It’s up to you to figure out what works well with your outfit, as well as the pieces you’ve decided to wear. This can work, but there’s no one rule fits all for it. You just have to experiment and use your best judgement.

Keep Your Bracelets On One Arm

Don’t wear bracelets on both arms. Instead, stack your bangles and bracelets on one arm. Doing this can add a tougher look to girly outfits. It can also add a boho vibe depending on what your bracelets are like.

Take Your Outfit Into Consideration

Always consider your outfit when selecting your statement jewellery. For example, you want to look at your neckline before you pick a statement necklace. Also, consider your hairstyle before putting on statement earrings. Everything should balance out nicely for the whole look to work. Some people like to fill in the gaps, but again, it depends. Use your common sense!

Use these tips and you can start making a statement with your jewellery right away. Do you have any tips of your own you’d like to share? Leave them below!


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