How To Get Ahead Of The Housework Over Christmas*

No matter how ahead of chores we feel like we are, it’s never true. We all know that housework is endless. One pile of washing down and then another springs up from nowhere at all. Socks go missing, carpets continuously need hoovering, and for once, it would be nice if the windows just washed themselves.

And the worst part is, none of that stops just because it’s Christmas. In fact, it seems to get worse. More cooking needs to be done, more washing needs to be done and the house needs to be the cleanest it’s been all year. It’s a tough job, but someone (aka us SuperMums out there) has got to do it. So, if you’re up to the challenge, here’s a few tips on how to get it all done.

Make A Plan

At this time of year, we all want our homes to be kept clean, safe and cosy – not necessarily in that order. But, figuring out just how to do it is the hard part. So, devising a plan on exactly how you’re going to do that is a good start. Write down the jobs that need doing, every single one. Then workout the days and times you have let to get them done. Once you’ve slotted them all into place, it’s time to get started.

All Hands On Deck

This step is probably the most important one of all. We all know that you could handle this on your own. You usually do. But the matter of the fact is, you shouldn’t have to. So, it’s time to rope in aid. Get everyone involved and allocate them set chores. Your husband might want to tackle the outdoors while your teens are on hoovering duty.

Get The Big Jobs Out Of The Way

First up on your list should be the big jobs. It’s always good to get the worst out of the way first. So whether you need to scrub the oven, wipe down the skirting boards or clean the carpets, grab your grab you microfibre cleaning cloth, detergents and get to work. You’ll feel so much better for it once the big jobs are ticked off.

Prepare What You Can

With all of the cleaning going on, you can sometimes get wrapped up in it all, forgetting the Christmas specific chores you have to get done. But, now that you have your plan, you’ll be one step ahead. Perhaps preparing meals or snacks ahead of time is all that it takes. Fill your freezer with healthy foods that you made earlier. Cleaning and preparation days will be all the most easier for it.

Stick To The Schedule

Although you might be tempted to deviate, do your best to stick to the schedule. You put it together for a reason – it works. When you’re planning, make sure to add in cleaning tips that can make the time pass and get the job done in the most efficient way. Then, even if unexpected events crop up, you will still be on track to get everything finished in time.

Take It Easy

And the best part of all, make sure you don’t panic. It’s the festive season after all, and you’ll want to enjoy it. Take pride in the work you’ve put into creating a beautiful home this Christmas. When it’s all done, sit back and enjoy your efforts surrounded by family and friends.


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