Getting ahead in your career*

The Look: Working in an office, it’s really hard to keep up a good wardrobe. There is the basics and the more glam but I like more in the middle. My three favourite items from LucyAlice Bella Fashion Collection can make you feel more professional. In my opinion, you need to look the part to feel like the day will be productive. The Bella Fashion Imperia dress is perfect for a fitted professional look, especially for someone like me with curves.

Grey is my favourite colour and I feel that it’s so flattering for someone with pale skin like myself. The size ranges from 6-24 so it’s perfect for everyone. The Brook Taverner Teramo dress is another beautifully fitted dress and perfect for any size, curves and all! The last thing for every working woman wardrobe is a good pair of trousers. Don’t be afraid to wear trousers, some women always wear dresses, but a independent powerful women can look boss in beautiful trousers like Dorchester Flat Front trousers.

The Plans: Organisation is key, planning what you need to do each day in priority order. I like to make a to do list. Put in a order the things you need to do. Make sure you take regular breaks to give your brain a rest. You definitively don’t want to burn out.

You can get amazing planners from my favourite small business Sighh Designs.

The Balance: The main thing I have learnt by having two jobs is how important it is for a work/life balance. Giving yourself the right balance otherwise it can make you feel very down, burnout and just  miserable. Make sure you have some pamper and relax time.

Whats your best tip for giving yourself the best chance in your career? Let me know in the comments below.

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