5 Reasons Why You Skin Would Like You To Quit Smoking*

There are many reasons why people should be encourages to quit smoking, and there should be more websites out there, that should promote more people to quit. Below we have came up on reasons why you should quit smoking, and one of them is what benefit your skin will have if you have quit. 

In collaboration with The British Skin Foundation, we have assembled the 5 key reasons why you should quit smoking or switch to ecigs, just for you skin health alone.

1. Smoking Ages Skin

The British Skin Foundation spokesperson and consultant dermatologist, Dr. Anjali Mahto says that like any other organ in the body, the skin is also vulnerable to the damage smoking causes. If you would like to age gracefully and avoid many pre-existing conditions from becoming worse, it is advisable not to start smoking. If you are already a smoker, you should seriously consider quitting if you would like your skin to keep feeling and looking health. 

The British Skin Foundation also states that smoking hastens the process of ageing in the skin through the production of an enzyme known as matrix metalloproteinase-1, and the reduction of oxygen, both of which contribute to the degradation of elastic collagen. Smokers tend to develop ‘smoker’s’ lines or wrinkles around the mouth as well as ‘crow’s feet’ early on. It has been shown repeatedly since the initial studies were undertaken in the 1970’s. Evidence also suggests that women have a higher likelihood of developing this than men.

2. Smoking Delays Healing Of Wounds

Dr. Mahto states that the healing of wounds after surgery or trauma can take longer than expected if the individual is a smoker. Smokers are also at a higher risk of experiencing wound infections as well as the failure of skin grafts. Smoking also contributes to the development and persistence of leg ulcers. Carbon monoxide and nicotine found in cigarettes can cause vasoconstriction. This reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the skin, which slows down the production of new collagen.

3. Smoking Can Cause Skin Cancer

Dr. warns states that cigarette smokers have twice the risk of getting a type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma compared to those that do not smoke. Smokers are at a higher risk of getting oral cancer since 75 percent of cases occur in smokers.

4. Smoking Can Predispose You To Skin Conditions

Dr. Mahto sates that some skin conditions such as discoid lupus erythematosus, hidradenitis, and psoriasis are more common in those that smoke. The exposure to tobacco smoke can increase the risk of developing psoriasis. Smokers with psoriasis are also less likely to show improvement that those that don’t. It is worth noting that people with psoriasis who stop smoking have a higher chance of noticing a positive effect on the condition.

5. Cigarettes Can Cause Smokers’ Acne

The British Skin Foundation states that smokers, particularly females are more susceptible to what is referred to as ‘smoker’s acne’ in addition to smothers and premature ageing of the skin. Writing in the British Journal of Dermatology, researchers observed that this acne was characterized by large blackheads and blocked pores but the spots were less inflamed than in regular acne.


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