Tighten Those Purse Strings: Free Things To Do This November*

The most expensive time of the year is fast approaching, and so now isn’t the time to be spending lots on entertainment! However when you’ve been at work all week, the last thing you want is to be stuck inside bored at the weekend. It’s tempting to hit the shops, visit restaurants and generally do things that involve spending money. But if you have a think about it, there’s plenty you can do without breaking the bank which will free up some all important funds for the festive season. Here are some of the things you could do this November that doesn’t cost a thing.

Visit The Library

As well having lots of exciting reading material you can borrow, libraries usually have other things going on too. Free classes can include everything from art to computing, and some will even offer specific things like driving theory test help and advice. If you’ve not paid a visit to one since you were young, now is definitely the time to have a browse. Find out what’s local to you, and choose one with good facilities and a modern library design. You’ll find free things to do and might meet some new people as well.



Enjoy The Autumn Leaves At The Park

Autumn is such a gorgeous time of year, so wrap up warm and go for a walk in the park to take in the spectacular foliage! Before long everywhere will be dull and bare until the spring, so make the most of the sights while you can. If you’re interested in photography, take your camera along as you’re bound to get some amazing shots!



Go To a Free Museum

All national museums are free, there are over fifty of them across the UK, so chances are you don’t live too far from one. The good thing about this is it gives you something interesting to do, even during bad weather. There are also free galleries dotted around the country. If you don’t usually do this kind of thing, it can make an interesting change and you’ll get to learn something new.

Visit a Festival or Christmas Market

Have a look in your local paper and find out if there are any free festivals being held in your village, town or city. With it being the run up to Christmas there are likely to be things like Christmas lights being switched on. As well as festivals and markets which are free to browse. It’s a fun way to get in the festive spirit without breaking the bank. It might even give you ideas for what to add to your shopping list when you to come to buy things for Christmas.



Have a Movie Night

If going out and braving the cold doesn’t appeal, you can’t go wrong with a movie night. Set it all up in advance to stop it being just a night in front of the telly. Invite some friends over, select some films and make the living room cosy with loads of throws, cushions and a couple of scented candles. Perfect!

How will you be saving money in time for the festive season?


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