Not-So-Obvious Countries Where The Food Is Amazing And Worth Travelling For*

Obviously, food plays a big part when I’m choosing where I want to go for my holiday. After all, it makes a trip worth it if the food is to die for! Putting obvious choices like Italy and Mexico aside, there are some amazing countries which tick the boxes when it comes to food. Here are some not-so-obvious countries where is the food is amazing and worth travelling for!


Only situated about three hours away, there is plenty to interest people when it comes to Portugal. In fact, the Algarve is one of the top rated places in Europe for its beautiful beaches. But foodies will want to flock there for the amazing food choices on offer. Their delicious sardines are amazing and are fantastic on the grill. In fact, you will struggle to find a restaurant not selling the delicious fish. They use codfish a lot to make delicious dishes Pastéis de bacalhau, which is our version of fishcakes. And if you have a sweet tooth, there are many egg-based desserts which will satisfy your appetite including torta de Azeitão. And don’t forget to enjoy a glass of Sangria or two while enjoying the sunset in the Algarve.

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You might not associate Canada with having the best food in the world, but it certainly is divine. In fact, our favourite maple syrup can be found there which is perfect to have on pancakes. It’s city Quebec is actually the largest producer of the syrup in the world, so it’s bound to be good. For something more savory, you might want to go for Poutine. The French fries are slathered in gravy and cheese curls- a match made in heaven!  Remember if you are going to head to Canada, you need to look into Official Canada eTAs so that you can get into the country for a food fest!

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Another place you wouldn’t associate with lovely food would be Thailand. But it does hit the spot if you do enjoy some of their best delights. After all, they combine some of our favourite cuisines for their dishes; Indian and Chinese. You will find their dishes include a lot of garlic and chilies. A Tom Yum Goong is worth going for which is a delicious spicy shrimp soup. Or if noodles are more your thing, you could try a traditional Pad Thai. And don’t be afraid to experiment with food on the market stalls; some of the delights on offer will leave you in a food coma!

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Closer to home, France is always worth a visit just for some of the delights on offer. For your sweet tooth, you need to try one of their many pastries including my top favourite; a chocolate croissant. Or you could even go for a crepe which will please your taste buds! You can also try one of its many delicious kinds of cheeses such as Brie. After all, as this feature says, cheese and wine put France on the food map! Therefore, head on a cheese tour which will blow your mind!

Here are some other great cities in the world you need to go to if you are a foodie!


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    Roll on Tuesday, I can try some yummy foods in Portugal! 🙂

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