30 thoughts I Have On A Daily Basis

I don’t know about you but my brain feel’s like it’s on overtime a lot. I think about so many things, some are serious stuff and some are mundane. It can range from if I’m ready to start a family to thinking if I’ve had too many biscuits that day. Do you want to see whats in my head? Lets go!

  1. That alarm is so annoying, maybe I can have 5 more minutes and just not do my hair.
  2. Why can’t I live in France and have fresh croissants for breakfast everyday, well I’ll settle for marmite on toast.
  3. Do I need my job, can I not just stay in bed all day.
  4. Damn only 2 days til the weekend and I don’t have to wake up with a stupid alarm.
  5. I need to make healthy choices today. I will try not to buy chocolate today.
  6. Right lets get work over.
  7. Is it lunch time yet?
  8. I need coffee.
  9. Time to check snapchat.
  10. I need another coffee.
  11. Why can’t I increase my following on my blog?
  12. Maybe I should post more.
  13. Maybe I should write a post tonight, or tomorrow….
  14. I need to grow my blog so I can go part time at work.
  15. Aww a puppy! 
  16. I want a dog..
  17. and a cat..
  18. and maybe a baby piglet.
  19. Right, need to go on a pokemon hunt, wheres the pikachu’s at?
  20. How do people manage to be self employed?
  21. I want to be self employed, what can I do?
  22. I need some food, can I not just eat pizza today. I’ll be healthy tomorrow.
  23. I need another coffee.
  24. I should buy some more succulents.
  25. Oh I need that new mascara, you can never have enough make up.
  26. Oh, I just want some cuddles now.
  27. Work is annoying.
  28. Is it bedtime yet?
  29. Right i’m in bed, time to settle.
  30. Actually i’ll just check Facebook, instagram and twitter.

Are you similar to me? What runs through your mind on a daily basis! Let me know in the comments below.


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