The Casual Astronomer

I’ve always been fascinated with space, stars and the far out galaxies. I’m certainly a believer, I don’t think we are the only living organisms in this vast universe. Opinions aside, I was recently browsing for some casual tops for just laying about the house in, maybe nipping out to see friends.

I haven’t really looked at boohoo’s plus range before, but it’s seriously amazing. Certainly worth a look to any curvier girls. It’s a light material so perfect for summer or pair with a vest and perfect for the colder months, which I cannot wait for. This oversized tee is quite loose and for me, snugs in the right places. I feel like it gives me more confidence and makes me look a lot slimmer.

I’ve never really had a ‘style’ as such, but this feels right. I feel like I know myself more as I’ve got older and know who I am and who I want to be. I’m working on getting healthier. I will be healthy, I will buy the clothes I want and I will be comfortable in my own skin. Those are my promises to myself.

How do you feel about oversized tee’s and astronomical prints? Love them as much as me? Let me know in the comments below.


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