Get Body Confident in 8 Easy Steps*

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, yet so many people are unhappy with how they look. Wanting to drastically change how you look is not healthy for confidence or your bank balance. Do you feel embarrassed about particular flaws? Do you set yourself unrealistic goals? Give yourself a break will these body-positive tips.

Focus on the bits you really like

Write a list of your favourite qualities. Include the last genuine compliment someone gave you. They don’t all have to be about your body! A good list will feature physical and emotional qualities. Whenever you feel unhappy, refer to the list for reassurance.

Get moving

Exercise isn’t just for weight loss, it also boosts confidence and mental health. Gyms can be pretty intimidating places. If you are a beginner there are plenty of mini workouts you can do at home. Even going for a short walk counts. You needn’t go it alone either when there are so many fun activities that can be enjoyed with friends. The goal should be strength and fitness, not unhappy weight loss.


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Pamper yourself regularly

A little self-care can go a long way. Modern life is busy but make it a priority to spend a couple of hours on yourself every week. Bubble bath? Check. Fancy candles? Check. Face mask? Check! Regular relaxation sessions can transform how you feel about yourself.

Step away from the mirror

A watched kettle never boils. So how will staring in a mirror, feeling miserable, make you happy? The more you fixate on one part of your body the more problematic it becomes. Only use your mirror for the basics. Focus on what you do, not how you look doing it.

Fake it ‘til you make it

If all else fails, the best thing to do is try a bit of sass! Underwear can also provide an extra layer of confidence when you need it. Luxury lingerie that shows off your curves will make you feel great; try a specialist store such as Knicker Locker.

Most social confidence comes from believing you are the bees knees. Feeling nervous about meeting new people at a party? Paint on your biggest smile and bring out your best small talk.

Have a social media detox

Stop posing for selfies. Put down the smartphone. It can be exhausting keeping up with the latest internet dramas. Indulge your mind with a new hobby. Arts and crafts are therapeutic and will help you to realise hidden talents. Picking up a musical instrument can help you to communicate emotions through music. Learning something new enhances self esteem.


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Surround yourself with positive people

Good friends should make you feel confident being you– flaws and all! Prioritise the friends and family that bring out your best qualities. Carry out random acts of kindness to remind loved ones how much you appreciate their friendship.

Remember everyone has hang-ups

Even the most confident of people will secretly have waves of self-doubt. They might even hate the part of their body everyone else admires! Without photo re-touching and filters, no one is really perfect. The best thing you can do is accept yourself. It’s a long journey, but the destination will be a happier and healthier life.



  1. Stephanie Hartley
    July 26, 2016 / 9:32 pm

    This was such a lovely, heart-warming post to read! I've put on a tonne of weight in the past year, so my body confidence is something I'm really needing to work on. I've been doing so in the past couple of months and it's made SUCH a difference to how I feel overall!Steph –

  2. La French Connection
    July 31, 2016 / 9:51 am

    My mom once told me "you young women are stupid, at your age you're the most beautiful you'll ever be and you spend your time undermining yourself until eventually you have some wrinkles, your skin is not that great anymore, you look a bit tired and you realise how much time you have wasted". It changed completely the way I see myself.Thanks for such a positive post. I think myself that confident women are beautiful.Mika |

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