Five Effective Ways To Keep Your Favorite Outfit In Tip Top Condition

We all have the one outfit that we totally love, this is mine, and we would be gutted if we couldn’t wear it anymore. Stop this happening by taking good care of it and it will last from year to year, making sure you always have a go-to look that will make you feel fabulous.


If we are wearing something, then we are going to need to clean it. It’s simple advice but makes sure you wash your outfit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If it says to wash at 40 degrees with similar colours, do not bung your favorite white top in with all your black trousers of a 60-degree wash. You end up with a dirty looking grey! If you must wash all your clothes together, use a colour catching sheet, which will at least minimise the chance of the shades bleeding into each other.


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Now onto dry cleaning. If is says ‘dry clean only,’ it means ‘dry clean only.’ The professional do it for a living for a reason! If you are desperate to wear the item, you can try putting on through on a delicate setting in the washing machine, or washing it by hand. But watch out for shrinkage!

Also, if you have very delicate pieces of clothing like lace or underwear, get bags to wash them in. This will protect the items os they don’t get too out of shape during the wash. It will also protect your machine from any stray underwiring that might try to escape!


Ironing your favourite outfit might seem like a chore, but you’ll need to do it if you want to look you best. Iron your garment inside out to stop the material getting shiny with wear. Also iron on the lowest setting possible, to preserve the garment for as long as possible. Ironing as soon after the washing as possible, will stop your favourite outfit getting creased at the bottom of the linen basket.





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What do you do when an item from your favourite outfit suffers a tear or a rip? Well, don’t go chucking the whole outfit away quite yet! Lots of small tears or splitting seams can be repaired by iron on fabric or a simple needle and thread. You can even fix broken soles on your favourite shoes with soltrack glue. If you feel repairs are a bit out of your comfort zone, use to find a seamstress or tailor in your local area and ask the to fix your items.


Once you outfit is washed, ironed and fixed, you will need to store it properly, until you are ready to wear it. Use a suit bag to hold the clothes and make sure you have good quality hangers that will not leave marks. Use a clear shoe box for your footwear as this protects them from dust but also allows you to see what’s inside. If your outfit includes a hat, makes sure you have a special hat box that will preserve the shape of your hat during storage.


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