Five Documentaries To Watch On Netflix

Horror film, chick flick I love them all. I am also a big lover of documentaries. I love learning and hearing about things I never knew before. Fascinating or even upsetting sometimes but it can open up your eyes to a whole world you never even knew about. Here are a few that are worth the watch.

01// Cowspiracy

This is a definite must see. All the things that you didn’t know about animal agriculture are covered in this documentary. It shows how much resources of water, food and energy are used to produce meat for our consumption. I do eat meat, it’s not something I lie about or am happy doing but I always have. I do think this will give me something to think about and certainly think it’s worth a watch. From hunting other animals to destroying rainforests these are just some of the things are used to make that big mac you want.

02// Blackfish

This is quite an upsetting one, well it was for me anyway. It documents the life of orca’s. How they are kept and treated by seaworld and other similar water parks. It shows how the neglect and treating of the animals turned one to a killer. One orca who killed again and again and it was covered up by the water parks to keep the money coming in. It’s very interesting and certainly worth a watch. 

03// Living On One Dollar

A really inspiring story about 4 boys from america who go to rural Guatemala, where people live below the poverty line on average $1 a day. These boys go and do the same, see what it’s like to live on this little money. They speak to their neighbours and see how they survive and send their children to school, feed them and still try to keep a happy lifestyle. You can see how living on such little money effects them and how they look before and after. I know I couldn’t do this and I wish I could help them after watching this. 

04// Snervous, Tyler Oakley

Being a blogger, like most people I’ve heard of Tyler Oakley and watched a few of his videos. I haven’t watched loads, I’m not a mega fan. But this documentary about him, shows the life of a youtuber, the good, the bad and the ugly. The anxiety he feels trapped in a hotel because fans are following him. The excitement he has when doing his shows on tour. It’s a real eye opener to see the ‘job’ side of it. Certainly worth the watch.

05// Frozen Planet

I couldn’t not include a David Attenborough documentary. He’s one of my all time heroes. His documentaries are always so fascinating to me. This one as you can tell is about the natural world in the snow and ice. How animals survive, how snowflakes are formed. It is a masterpiece, you need to go and watch this. 

What are your favourite documentaries? Any that have changed your life?



  1. Olivia
    June 12, 2016 / 7:36 pm

    I'm always looking for new things to watch on Netflix! These are great suggestions for documentaries. I haven't watched the other four, but I love Frozen Planet.Olivia xLiviatiana | Urban Decay Giveaway

  2. Courtney Williamson
    June 13, 2016 / 9:46 am

    I've only watched Cowspiracy out of these but it was really interesting and has inspired me to watch more. It's also inspired me to cut out dairy and red meat from my diet!– Pretty Mad Things .. x o

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