A Few Happy Things

Life is all about balance, we can try to be the happy go lucky person we all want to be, but sometimes you just feel like s**t. It’s not something that can be helped, although most humans want to believe it, there are some things beyond our control. Loss of a loved one, illness, even just those ‘meh’ days we all have from time to time.

With this in mind, I accept my bad days and just leave them to one side, I know I need to focus on stressing less and being more mindful. There are a few things that can help, well help me anyway. I thought I’d share them and hopefully they can help you too! Ignore the bad and focus on those good days and make them better.

1// Yoga & Meditation

It’s a common one, however a lot of people still don’t really understand it and just fob it off. Even after one session of meditation breathing and yoga stretches, I feel a million times better. I even handle stress better and don’t let it get to me. I aim to end up practicing this every other day, if not every day. I’ve always used Tara Stiles on YouTube who created Strala Yoga, her videos are easy to follow and the beginner ones are a great way to start.

2// Writing Lists

This isn’t for everyone but it really helps me. I love writing lists and could do it all day. If I feel a bit off or stressed. I write a list of everything I want in life, from silly things to the serious grown up things. They range from Having a baby and buying a house to picking up the new benefit mascara and finally cleaning out my wardrobe. It gives me focus while I’m writing it all down and keeps my goals in the back of my head. Then I know I can continue to work towards having things to make me happy.

3// Lazy Days

With working so much and then coming home and doing blog work and planning my secret project. I have no energy and take time out. It’s nice to have a day where you literally do nothing just relax. I recently spent a whole day just watching through the Twilight films and it was great. Glass of wine in the evening and ignored my phone all day. Apart from a lovely catch up with my mum between the films. Make sure you make time to do nothing.

4// Dancing
Who doesn’t love dancing right? I ‘borrowed’ my boyfriends log in to spotify on my days off while cleaning and just danced my way around the flat and sang my heart out! The cheesy hits and oldies are the best playlists. My favourite song right now is David Guetta and Sia – Bang your head. It’s been on repeat constantly.

What is making you happy right now? Let me know in the comments below!


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