6 Ingredients You Need For The Perfect Home Party*

Hosting an event or party in your own home can actually be quite scary. That’s not because it won’t be fun, or exciting – it’s just that you don’t want to let down your guests!

So, simple solution – don’t let them down! If you’re getting ready to throw the ultimate home-based bash, here’s everything you’ll need to make it memorable.

A diverse music selection



Variety makes the world go round, and everyone has different tastes. As much as you wish it were so, not everyone likes classic rock, modern pop or jazz. The atmosphere of the room will dictate how comfortable your guests feel at your party, so give them something to sing along to!

So, I’d recommend browsing pretty much every genre on the planet and plucking the most popular tunes from it. Mix a bit of pop, rock, dance, house, metal and blues, using the most popular songs from each genre, into one playlist. This way, even if your guests don’t like the genre, they’ll at least be familiar with the song.

A clean, organized kitchen



With smoke billowing from the oven, your hair in a mess and food stains everywhere, it’s unlikely you can consider your party a success. You need to be as relaxed and stress-free as possible; after all, your guests will bounce off your mood.

So make sure the food, and the kitchen, are organized. Consider enlisting the help of an event cateringcompany, who can use your kitchen to deliver a diverse food selection. The less you have to worry about, the more successful the party.

Your neighbours



If you don’t invite them, they’ll wonder why. Unfortunately, this could sour your long-term relationship with them. On the other hand, if you do invite them, they won’t be in their home. This means that, if your party gets rowdy, you have no next-door neighbours to annoy. Win/win.

Introduce yourself



Unless you’re a guest-list wizard, chances are there’ll be a couple of people at the party you didn’t invite. These people may be sat around, awkwardly, desperately looking for something to do. It’s your job to make sure this isn’t the case!

So take the time to introduce yourself to newcomers, put them at ease, and be a good host. Just because you don’t know them, doesn’t mean you can’t get to know them!

Stock plenty of beverages, but stay sober



While people shouldn’t expect you to provide drinks for them, it would be a nice gesture to do so. After all, they’re taking time out of their day to come to your house; the least you could do is welcome them.

Don’t drink too much yourself though. Many a drunken mishap can occur if the host gets a bit tipsy.

Plan party games



It’s hard to throw a party based around food, drinks and conversation, so provide some entertainment. Even something as basic as a pack of cards offers you the chance to get creative. Or, you could host a video game competition, pool tournament or even a Netflix binge. Just make things fun, and age-appropriate.

And that’s the list! Is there anything we missed? Tell us by leaving a reply below!


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