5 Amazing Ways To Have Fun While Exercising

As I’ve touched on previously here, finding an exercise that is fun, is a great way to get fit. Enjoying yourself while you exercise is a fantastic way to keep up your motivation and stop yourself getting into a rut. Check out my suggestions for some fun ways to shift those pounds.


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Horse riding

Going horse riding is a great activity to do when you want to have fun and burn some calories. Depending on the different type of trot you do trot, you can burn 400 calories an hour. If you haven’t been horse riding before,  why not try a pony trek to see whether you will enjoy it? Then you could book a lesson in school. This is where you ride the horses around an indoor arena. You can learn to jump, trot and canter in an arena like this. There is also another form of riding called “hacking out” available. This is when you ride the horses out in the countryside. Make sure you know what to do if a car passes you on the road if you do this activity.

Go Quest

If you are looking for a fun activity to burn both calories and get your mind working; try GoQuest in Dublin. This is a crystal maze type adventure with four different worlds to explore. You will need to work in teams and solve lots of puzzles. The worlds you get to explore; include Hidden Island, Sports and Play, Time Travel and Jungle Jeopardy.  You will be scored on your performance in physical, skill and mental challenges.  It is suitable for children over 8, teenagers and adults alike. Anyone under 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult.


Another fun way to burn up to 700 calories is to take a Zumba class. There are lots of different types available. Zumba is more of a dance class than an exercise class, which is what makes it so much fun.  There is also Aqua Zumba in the swimming pool, which is good for resistance, and there are groups for seniors and kids too. Zumba is so popular because it combines some funky Latin rhythms with easy dance moves. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the best dancer or not, what matters is that it gets your body moving. Some good advice is to take a large bottle of water, a towel and wear easily removable layers as it can get a bit hot!


How about trying Zorbing? This is a very active way to have some fun. Zorbing is where you climb inside a huge plastic inflatable ball. You then control the ball and move it forward with your movements. With a bit of practice, you can learn to maneuver it left or right. Make it extra fun, by playing zorb football matches skittles with your mates.

Go ape

There are 26 Go Ape centres throughout the UK. The adventure courses are built at the treetop level and are designed with lots of fun actives. These include zip wires, climbing, and long jumps. You are strapped into a harness the whole time for your safety. You can go round the course in teams, which is ideal for those who might need a bit of extra encouragement.


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