Reasons You SHOULDN’T Have Cosmetic Surgery*

Having cosmetic surgery is a huge decision for anybody to make. There are a number of things that can go wrong, but more and more people are choosing to have it done. In fact, many people will turn to it before trying more natural methods. If you’re contemplating having work done, here are some reasons you shouldn’t have cosmetic surgery!

You Should Love Yourself As You Are

Loving yourself as you are is pretty difficult in this day and age, especially when we’re surrounded by magazines basically telling us we’re not good enough. Loving yourself might seem a long way away to you, especially if you’ve never liked yourself that much. But it’s something that can be learned. You should at least make more of an effort to love yourself and find beauty in yourself naturally before you decide to go through with surgery. There’s only one you in the world, and that’s a pretty beautiful thing when you think about it!



There Are Many Risks

Of course surgery comes with many risks. Some people don’t even consider the risks or care about them when they have surgery. They just go ahead with it, not caring about the things that can go horribly wrong. Being aware of the risks before surgery is so important. Not only that, but considering what you’ll do if something goes wrong is important too. You could end up needing even more surgery to correct what went wrong. Worst case scenario, you may not be able to fix the issues caused by surgery. Breast augmentation claims are made every day because of things going wrong.

It Might Not Meet Your Expectations

Whatever you have done with cosmetic surgery, it may not meet your expectations. You can’t get a nose like your favourite celebrity. You can’t get lips like Kylie Jenner. Surgeons can only do things depending on what you have currently, so results will vary wildly from person to person. You need to make sure you have realistic expectations before you go through with anything as serious as this!

It Can Get Addictive

Surgery can get addictive for people, especially if they haven’t worked on self love and acceptance beforehand. Changing yourself can become a bad habit that you just can’t kick. So many celebrities have gotten into these habits. You can see just what it’s done to them by looking on Google. They look completely different, and many of them don’t look better for it either.


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It Won’t Solve All Of Your Problems

Some get surgery because they think it’ll solve all of their problems. They think it’ll make them more likeable, desireable, promotable – whatever. Surgery will not solve all of your problems. Only you have the power to do that. It can increase your confidence and self esteem slightly, but that’s it. That’s if it goes the way you want it to!

Instead of turning to surgery quickly like most people do these days, try loving yourself as you are first and see how that feels!


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  1. Molan Parker
    June 22, 2016 / 7:36 pm

    He points you have mentioned in the post are absolutely true about cosmetic surgery London. There are many different non-surgical cosmetic procedures available nowadays that they have dominated the surgical procedures.

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