Sunday Summary #16

Sunday Summary is back! I don’t know why I haven’t done it in a while. I’ve been working A LOT as well as a lot of weekends, so I’ve not had much to talk about. But I think even a short post to update you guys would be worth it. I’ll be making a bit more effort to keep up with these. I love writing these types of posts. I’m currently on the sofa surrounded by a big fluffy grey blanket with my hot water bottle, making my woman time feel a bit better. Alongside my coffee fix for the morning and some background shooting noises from Scott playing Destiny.

This week has been good but longggg. I ended up agreeing to eleven hours overtime at work, no idea why but payday will thank me. I’ve been focusing on my little shop deebee and doing giveaways on twitter. I’ve made all this jewellery myself and I love it. I’d always make something I would wear myself. I have been MIA on the blogging front, work and jewellery is the reason. But i’ve really missed it and could feel my anxiety getting bad, writing my thoughts, feelings and nonsense on here is so therapeutic and I’m glad to be back, I’ve fully prepared about 5 posts now, to go up over the next week or two. 

Spring has sprung, there is the smell of freshly cut grass, flowers everywhere, lighter evenings and increased sneezing and inflammation in my airways from Rhinitis (really bad hay fever, but all year round). It tends to get worse at this particular time for obvious reasons, but it’s still beautiful, so I’ll just have to have the sniffles and deal with it like a strong independent woman. 

If you hadn’t noticed from my last post, I’ve joined Slimming World. I’ve took the plunge and control of my weight loss. In the first 5 weeks, I’d lost a stone, got a bit of my confidence back and felt good. The last week I’ve not been very good and probably put 2lb back on. However, I’ll take the hit and get back on plan, I’m sure I can lose that weight by my next weigh in on Wednesday. If you would like to see some Slimming world friendly recipes and posts, let me know in the comments below!

How’s your week and Sunday been? 


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