National Stationery Week*

 It’s National Stationery Week and I am loving it. As a blogger, I use all different kinds of stationery on a daily basis. It helps me keep organised between my normal full time job, blogging, managing deebee and actually having time for myself and house work.

One of my favourite memories of school was getting to choose loads of new stationery and feel really excited to use it all. I always have a little notebook in my bag like this Nu A7 jotter pad. It’s perfect to jot down ideas for blog posts when you’re out and about. I can get ideas from anywhere so it’s really handy. I also love the Stadler colour pens. Perfect to colour co-ordinate your to do list. I put them into housework, blogging and deebee work.

 Not only do I love stationery for work and blogging I also love it for down time as well. I suffer from anxiety and stress and the therapy colouring books are a lifesaver. The Stadler colouring pencils are great quality and great colour to bring my art to life! Life now is very technical and it’s nice to have a break from the screens.

What do you use your stationery for? Let me know in the comments below.


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