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Make up Revolution are one of my favourite brands, not only are they lovely to work with as a blogger but the products they bring out are amazing quality and easy on the bank balance. I had a little splurge with my pay last month and picked up quite a few things, including these. You can never  have enough make up and if someone tells you otherwise, who cares? Certainly not me.

Anyway, the first thing that caught my eye while scrolling through all the beautiful new palettes was this 32 Shade Matte Palette, a complete steal at only £8 for 32 shades. That’s crazy. I’ve been using these most days since purchasing them. The pigmentation is perfect and they all blend well into each other, you can mix and match pretty much the whole palette. Alongside an eyeshadow primer it doesn’t need to be reapplied throughout the day. Which is handy cause you don’t want to be carrying around a massive palette in your handbag.

I seem to be buying blushers a lot, I have a draw full! The Baked Golden Sugar Palette is a beauty. Another bargain for £6. The mixed marble effect colours and super shimmer have an amazing finish, I wouldn’t really use highlighter as well otherwise your face will just be reflecting light all over the place. You also have contour on the end which are perfect to sculpt your face before applying the blush.

I also picked up some necessities, the Focus and Fix Concealer and the Professional Blending Eye Brush. I’ve not really experimented with concealer, I tend to stick to Rimmels Wake me up or the Collection one that Zoella always raves about. The Concealer was only £2 so I thought why not. It has good medium coverage and covers all the bits you don’t want to see. It doesn’t last all day and does need a reapplication but I normally redo my powder and blusher on my lunch so no bother there. 

I’ve wanted a blending brush for ages and only just got round to getting one I don’t know why, I’m just forgetful. I normally just blended the colours together with my finger but with the brush it gives a more flawless finish and the colour merge and blend really well. I won’t be going back. Picked the brush up for £1.99.

What’s your favourite Revolution products? Let me know in the comments below.


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