Make Guests Love Your Guestroom Just As Much As Their Own Bedroom!*

Do you have a spare room that you now want to go ahead and turn into a guestroom? Or perhaps the current room you use for visiting friends and family is a bit lacklustre. Instead, it should be a warm and welcoming place filled with happy things and useful things too! Read on for a guide to making your guestroom so idyllic, they’ll enjoy staying in it even more than their own bedroom.

Make sure it is colourful

A dull and drab bedroom isn’t appealing to anybody. Even if you are trying to give the impression of a calming and serene environment, there is no need for the room to be just white and black. Add some throw cushions of a brighter colour, but pick a fabric that you can wash quickly and easily at home.

Add in the little extras you like

What are the things you love when you stay at a B&B or hotel? Is it the extra soft towels? Is its the miniature kettle, and ability to make a cup of tea in the morning. Is it having an en-suite, meaning you don’t have to venture out of your room if you wake up needing the toilet? Figure out what little extras you like, and then see if you can provide them.


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Make sure it is comfortable

The key part of a lovely guestroom is one that is comfortable. Sure, this goes for the decor. It also goes for the position of the room. Can guests relax without feeling their conversations can be heard? But the most important part of a comfortable bedroom is a comfortable bed. Pocket spring mattresses are a good choice, as they are an affordable price but still offer all the necessary support.


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Make sure it is the right temperature

We all have a different preference when it comes to our temperature. Some of us love to be warm and cosy at all time, preferring to be hot rather than cold. Others people prefer to stay cool. This goes for nighttime as well. With this in mind, make sure your guestroom is equipped for both preferences. So, for example, keep both a fan and a warm blanket in the wardrobe. Also, be sure to show guests how to use any heating or air conditioning unit, and how to open and close the windows too.

Make an ‘essentials’ basket

We’ve all had that scenario where we’ve left home for a night and left something important behind. It might be something big like a towel, or something small but just as essential like a toothbrush. Put guest’s mind at  ease by making a little essentials baskets. Pop a clean towel on the bottom and then inside put the things you often forget yourself. This might be a little bottle of face wash, some toothpaste and some cotton pads. Leave a box of tissues out for them too.


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Make a note card with the WIFI passwords on

Save friends and family from having to ask you for your WIFI password over and over again while they are staying. And don’t go directing them to the dusty box in a corner somewhere downstairs. Make a little note card with the WIFI password on it, and leave it in place they’ll spot it, like by the bed.


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