Live LAGOM | The Update*

So it’s been a while since I had a huge shop at ikea with the intention of making a few changes to reduce my waste and bills. I didn’t expect it to change too drastically and wanted to be realistic. I was making small changes and only expected small benefits from it.

To reduce bills, I brought some LED lamps to have in the bedroom to stop using the big light. I also picked up some touch lights for early morning and midnight trips to the toilet. All this helped save the electricity. Certain areas of my flat also got quite cold during the winter so I picked up some high pile rugs which are so thick and so cosy. I stopped putting the heating on and also had a different mind set since choosing to live more LAGOM.

I’d snuggle on the sofa and get a hot water bottle then turn on the heating. I’d use my lamps to read before bed then keeping the big light on. These small changes massively affected my bills. My gas bill came down from £34 a month to £20. My electric bill came down from £25 to £19. Over a year that would save me £240 that I otherwise would not of had. It’s such a big difference for little changes.

I also wanted to reduce food waste. I used the Live LAGOM way and also had a hand from Jamie Oliver’s Save With Jamie recipe book. I got a blackboard for the kitchen to plan the meals for the week ahead and then I knew exactly what to buy from the shop and not just pick up random things then need to keep nipping out for more items. I have started to freeze more food if I’m not going to use it and if there are left overs, I take them to work the next day for lunch or put them in my ikea freezer bags and keep them handy for when I’m on a late shift. Again, I’ve made small lifestyle changes and these have saved me £60 a month on my shopping. I’m eating healthier and over a year that would save me £720.

So since starting this and if I carry on, in a year I will save £960, just under £1000. That’s not to bad if I say so myself. I recommend taking the Live LAGOM lifestyle on. It can change your life in a good way, but a subtle way where you won’t really even notice.


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