Holiday Beauty Tips To Look Incredible In The Sun!

If you’ve got a holiday planned, you no doubt want to look incredible when the sun comes out. You’ll take a ton of pictures, go a ton of places…you just want to make sure you’re prepared. These holiday beauty tips will help you to look your very best.

Do Your Nails

Having good nails in the sun is a must, especially on your toes. French manicures look amazing, but then so do bright colours. You can even find nail transfers that allow you to have all kinds of crazy patterns. Some great technicians will be able to create patterns for you too, if you don’t want to do it alone.

Get Smooth Skin

Smooth skin is really important, so find the best method of hair removal for you. For some it’s shaving, but for others this can cause a rash and razor bumps, which aren’t very attractive. Waxing is perfect for summer. However, if you don’t want to endure that level of pain, hair removal cream could work well. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturise regularly too.



Frame Your Face

Frame your face so that you don’t need a lot of makeup, if any to look fantastic. How? Get your eyebrows and eyelashes done by a professional. There are many mobile beauty therapy services that will come to you, so you don’t have to wander around afterwards with bright red eyebrows. Having them both tinted will make them stand out. You can then have your eyebrows shaped to compliment your features, and your lashes lifted to create the illusion of mascara.

Use A Moisturising Tan

Getting a tan in the sun is nice, but you can’t always wait if you feel like you look pasty and ill. Having a spray tan is OK, but it can get patchy very quickly. The best way to go is using a tan that contains moisturiser for a while, so that you have a natural glow that won’t get patchy or rub off easily!

Whiten Your Teeth

What could look more attractive in the sun than a nice, bright, white smile? It’s so easy to whiten your teeth at home with strips and kits. Just make sure you do your research on them first, as you really don’t want to damage your teeth. You can even use natural products like coconut oil if you’re worried!

Treat Your Hair

Treat your hair to an intense moisturising treatment. The sun can dry our hair out, and you definitely don’t want frizzy dry hair when you’re trying to look your best. Even if you sleep with your conditioner in overnight before you go on holiday, it’ll make a big difference.

Watch What You Put In Your Body

Finally, watching what you eat and drink will have a huge impact on how incredible you look on your holidays. Not only will you look great if you start to do this, you’ll feel it too.

Start using these tips and you won’t have an ounce of insecurity on your holidays. Have a wonderful time!


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