Five Happy Things

Happy Saturday Everyone! I’m currently sitting in bed, all snuggled up with a red sniffly nose and a wheezing chest. Not the best way to spend a Saturday ill in bed, but I did nip into town this morning and got treated to a iced mocha by the boyfriend.

1// I am in the middle of having a week of work. Much needed and give me some real blog time to focus on posts and upcoming content. I love spending time blogging but I have just had no time at all to focus on it at the moment. So i’m very much looking forward to it, starting with this post.

2// Not many of you are aware but I have taken some steps into improving my health and I’m really noticing a difference all ready. I have certain reasons that I am very motivated to keep going but I will be doing a video update on Youtube to talk more about this so keep a look out. Looking after yourself and putting yourself first is one of the most important things in my mind. If you don’t look after yourself, who will?

3// Video’s, video’s, video’s. I love doing my blogging but still want to explore more into YouTube. I’ve dedicated some time next week to get some filming done which I’m pretty excited about. I love going through my favourite YouTubers and getting idea’s for videos. I love what I do and want to put more of myself into it. Anything you would like to see, let me know!

4// I’ve recently got treated by my boyfriend to some retail therapy. Which as I’m sure you all agree, is the best. Nothing better than having some new clothes, bags or shoes and feeling fabulous in them. Being in new clothes just give me a much more positive mind set for the day.

5// Clear closet, clear mind. I’ve had a big sort through my wardrobe this week and put a few things up on depop. Still got more stuff to add on. I’m under @emilyvmh if you want to check it out. Getting rid of some clothes you’ve never even worn or didn’t fit quite properly, gives plenty of space for new clothes to be added!

What are some good things that have happened to you lately? Always a silver lining, always be grateful for the good!


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