Do What You Love And Make Money Doing It*

There are lots of things in life that we love. Most of us have two or three hobbies and interests that occupy us in our spare time. A lot of us would prefer doing them than going to work most days too! So why not combine what you love doing with your job? If you have a keen interest in something, chances are, you could start earning some income from doing it.

Whatever your passion in life, there are likely to be many people who feel the same as you. Like you, they spend money on their interest or passion because it is an important part of who they are. With just a little bit of training, a touch of determination, and a small investment, you could be the one they give their money too.

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Most beauticians started out with a love for cosmetics and pampering treatments. They found out more about their interest by buying products and trying them out. Perhaps they spent time practicing their skills on friends and family. You can take hair, beauty and nail courses that can qualify you to do these things professionally. You can earn a license to practice and even start up your own business. 

Those with a passion and talent for music often find themselves teaching others how to play. A good teacher can build up a teaching studio of pupils willing to pay for their time, knowledge and expertise. There are qualifications you can gain to help you become more confident and skilled at teaching others to do what you can do too. You might teach in groups, in schools, or individually for private lessons.

If you have a talent for arts and crafts, why not sell your works? Painters and sketch artists can sell their pictures to chain stores that mass produces the image. If you are good at making things like pottery or silversmithing, why not start your own website? Social media is a free and effective way to let people know about your products. You might sell your services as a photographer or portrait painter. And if you’re a dressmaker, why not start your own boutique?

What makes you happy in life? Do you love pets and animals? You could become a dog walker or cat groomer. Are you fond of watching movies or reading books? Why not submit some reviews to your local newspapers and online sites? If you love writing, why not finish that book and send it to a literary agent? If you have had success with fitness and dieting, perhaps you could help others slim down and be healthier too?

The best thing about all these jobs is that you can start them up from nothing. You can develop a name for yourself by starting small in your spare time. You might not earn more than a few pounds a week at first. But everyone has the potential to grow their clients and their sales. Soon you may be doing well enough to register a formal business and quit your boring nine to five.


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