The Me Behind Drainedbeauty

I’ve been doing my blog for a good few years now and I like to think that it and myself have grown a lot in that time. Having an online presence can give you more confidence to possibly say or do things you wouldn’t in everyday life. One of the things I have learnt is how to do my make up and how to take a good selfie. Not exactly transferrable skills, but skills I like that I have. Although I can do this, I still post the real me, whether thats on twitter, snapchat or soon to be youtube. The difference in the photos above and what I wanted to get into today is that it’s okay if you want to do your make up, take a selfie and feel good about yourself? Is it wrong to feel confident and beautiful, definitively not!

On the left, I have full make up, foundation, contour, powder, blush, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, mascara and lippy. On the right I have powder, blush and mascara. They weren’t taken in a long time of each other and on the right I was most likely just sending a scrunchy face pic to my boyfriend Scott, which is a regular occurrence. His phone is probably full of pictures like this. But because I look different in these doesn’t mean the picture on the left is lies, its just me when I’m dressed up with a bit of a Valencia filter, if I could have a Valencia filter for everyday life then I would be ecstatic!

I am just a normal girl, I write my thoughts and feelings on the internet. Take photos of my flat, dinners and make up and post it on here for you all to see. I’m also a girl who suffers from anxiety, have days where I don’t like how I look. I am average. I love blogging and find it so therapeutic and I love writing and creating content for you guys. I’m really excited to start vlogging. My first vlog will be filmed this weekend, so keep an eye out!


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