Quick Ways To Get A New Look*

One of the things about growing up is the search for your ‘look’. It can really preoccupy you trying to find the style you like and the look that makes perfect sense. Most of us could admit to a few mistakes along the way. Still we settle for what suits us and from then on, it is a matter of buying things that work. You might know after all that bright colours suit you, or that for some reason ‘blue’ is just not your colour.

But that also means that we stop experimenting. We settle on a hairstyle that works or a range of makeup that is within a certain range. Wouldn’t it be good if we could experiment a little more and find joy in new ways of looking? Here are some thoughts on quick and easy ways you can find a new look. Who knows, some of them might stick!


Hats off.

Or on. A hat is just a brilliant way of carrying off style, elegance and chic. It is also a lot of fun to discover different styles. Hat shops are few and far between these days, but the market is often a good bet. You could go all wide brimmed and felt with a stylish fedora, or smaller and cheeky with a beret. A soon as the sun comes out, straw hats start to make sense. With winter coming into spring, surely it’s the perfect time for a woolly bobble hat or even a deerstalker! Hats are in and on and finding one that works for you could be a game changer.

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We love our hair, hopefully, and there a thousand different ways we can wear it. But why not get a bit more radical with things? Changing a colour is easy. Having it all cut off is extreme. But think about it, you don’t have to do it all at once. Talk to your hairdresser about what might suit your face. You could be surprised by the result and that feeling of looking ‘wow’ is a major boost to your self-confidence and esteem.

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Glasses and contacts

It seemed that everyone who once needed glasses moved to contacts if they could. But glasses are holding their own and can change your look in an instant. You could have two or three pairs. You can also change the colour of your contacts and create a new scintillating look! Grey contact lenses can lend you a smoky air of mystery!

Change your colours

You could try experimenting with the colours you wear. It’s a great excuse to go on an extended shopping trip. Make it all about colour so you know that the style is right. You might pick up on something that surprises you in a good way. Take a look at your whole beauty regime. Experiment and get advice from someone you trust. Try a new range and new colours, and have some fun.

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Accessorize away

Earrings don’t cost the earth and colours can draw the eye. Rings can be as big and brash as you like and are a lot of fun to play with. Dip into scarves and capes for exciting ways to play with a dash of color and style. Boots are in, and what an indulgence to have! Just wearing a pair you love endows you with a sense of style and even prowess.

Have some fun with your style and encourage your new look out to play.


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