Moving From Home To Uni Without Hassle And As Few Tears As Possible*

If you’ve never done anything like it before, the big move from home to university can feel like a tremendous step. Like any big step, it can be overwhelming and scary. If you’re feeling like that, then rest assured you’re not the only one. These tips are for any making that big move from home for the first time. They’ll make it much easier for you at first and before long you’ll wonder why you were so stressed in the first place.

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Take the stress out of the move

If it’s the actual move itself that’s stressing you out, make sure you plan everything well in advance. Make a checklist of everything you need and tick it off as you’re packing. Give yourself plenty of time to reach the airport if you’re travelling long-distance. Read up on the area you’re moving to so you and use Google Maps so you have things to recognise. If you have a lot to move and not enough space on the flight, Uni Baggage is a helpful alternative to paying extra space.


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Keep in touch with those at home

Don’t be afraid to call back home and listen to a friendly voice. For one, your family will want to hear you’re doing okay and provide just as much love and support from far away. The internet has plenty of free ways to keep in touch and Skype has the added benefit of actually being able to see the face. This way you won’t be racking up those phone bills, too.


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Learn how to fend for yourself

If you’ve had the lucky life of doing absolutely nothing at home, it’s time to disabuse yourself of that little privilege. Start learning recipes that you can make for yourself, firstly. You’ll be doing most of your own cooking now, providing you’re not flushing all your money into fast food. Start helping out with more chores, from tidying to washing dishes to cleaning the bathroom. If you’ve already got all this down pat, then you’ll have a smoother start for sure.

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Get into something new

The best way to get yourself into a new surrounding is by taking an activity that takes you into the community. The university will have all kinds of clubs, sporting and non. There will be plenty of other extracurricular activities outside the university environment too. Make new friends by sharing a new activity.

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Don’t get surprised by any bills

Living on your own subjects you to a lot more responsibility than you had before. You might already be quite good with your money, but make sure you know everything you need to. You will have a lot of new bills and costs to take into account every day. Learn what you’ll be paying each month and start to budget around it.

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Supplement your education and your wallet at the same time

Freelancing is a great way to spend your free time when you’re at university. Not only can you do it to get yourself a little extra cash to spend at the weekends, but it’s great for your education. If you’re in a course to do with animation, modelling or writing, the experience can be vital to your future.


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