February Catch Up

Well, well, well. Here I am, haven’t done a lot of catch up posts lately and I miss doing them, so here is a lovely long(ish) chatty post about February. This month has been pretty good, my anxiety has been up and down but mostly up which I’m always hopeful for.

So anyway, at the beginning of February and like most of the month, I’ve been working a lot and then some. I’ve done so much overtime and started working myself ragged, so I had to chill out on all the overtime so I could make more time for me. Having time for yourself is one of the most important things in life, I think. A lot of people don’t really practice it though, so start!

If you haven’t seen on the recent posts, I’ve joined YouTube! My channel is here and I only have two videos up at the moment but I plan on doing more. I will look into more food, beauty and lifestyle videos. The same vibe on my blog really. So keep an eye out for more. I’ll always share it on here when I upload anyway, so you won’t miss out.

This brings me onto something which has really on festered itself in my brain in the last week or so. I’m joining Slimming World. I need to push myself, sort myself out and put myself first. I have been having quite a few ‘fat’ days. ‘Fat’ days to me are just where I feel awful, don’t want to look in the mirror, wear baggy jumpers and generally just feel crappy. I’m hoping I stick to it and really hope it helps. I’ve been watching Tilly Cutler on YouTube and she has really inspired me. She’s done everything that I want to do.

So I will hopefully post a monthly update on YouTube of my progress, I don’t want to commit to weekly at the moment. I’m taking baby steps and just going with the flow. I don’t want to over think it, worry that I’m failing and then just give up. I want to make a change.

You can’t have February without Valentines day, I love everything to do with love. Whether you are single, in a relationship or married. I hope you had a lovely day! February this year is also what marks me and Scott being together for 4 years. That’s crazy. Mushy, but he makes me so happy. I got so spoiled on Valentines day and I hope you did too!

I’ve been buying quite a bit of make up lately, I’ve been loving Make Up Revolution and did an online shop, so you will see a haul on the blog soon.

How’s your month been? I would love to know, tell me all about it in the comments below!


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