Whats in my bag?

I haven’t done one of these posts in about 2 years, certainly time for an update. These are my favourite kind of posts. I love being nosy in other peoples belongings, sometimes I even get inspiration to keep other things in my bag. So I don’t know how interesting this is but yeah, enjoy.

The bag I’m currently using is navy blue Ted Baker bag Scott got my for my birthday. As it’s still pretty cold in January, I’ve got my trusty hand cream. Every winter my hands get so dry and the skin gets horrible so I need to maintain them with moisturising hand cream. In love with the Zoella Wonder Hand cream my bestie got me for crimbo. A hair brush and some dry shampoo to keep my hair looking lovely. Loving Ruth Crilly’s range at the moment.

My purse is just a Primark one but I love the embossed floral design, looks very vintage.  I do want to invest in a really nice purse at some point but I don’t want to spend all my money to then have nothing in the purse. Gotta pay bills!

A notepad and pen is a must have. I like to keep some with me at all times. As soon as a blog post idea pops into my head or I need to write a to do list, it’s there ready, but they aren’t currently in this bag as I need to get a smaller note book. I’ve also been carrying around the book The Little Book of Mindfulness, which will help me be more mindful. You just read a little bit everyday and I’m really enjoying it so far.

Boring bits keys, pens, loose change, cherry airwaves (my fave) and perfume. My perfume of choice at the moment is Michael Kors Gold. My phone is always in my pocket or my bag, got the lovely veggie case from Sighh Designs. Polly is a genius, designs, draws and creates all her own products.

Make up bits 4 lipsticks (no idea why I nee so many in one bag and some brush on nail glue as I’m currently wearing stick on falsies and sometimes they do pop off.

Anything you have in your bag all the time you think I need to add? Let me know!


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