Ten Things That Make Me Happy

January blues are getting a lot of people down and I for one do miss the Christmas cheer. I just wanted to share a few things that put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. It can be something really simple but could help you feel a bit happier too. I love knowing about things that make others happy. I’m a very empathetic person and happiness is a easy thing to spread around.

1. Date Night
Life can get hectic and every so often, Scott and I will put one night aside and have a proper date night where we just have us time. Whether that is cooking a meal together then sitting down with it and watching a film followed by cuddles on the sofa, or even going to cinema. It can really strengthen a relationship and it’s a really good wind down if you’ve had stressful week.

2. Coffee | TV | Throw Mornings
One of my favourite ways to spend the morning is getting a nice coffee, the Starbucks blend, sitting on the sofa and watching my favourite shows. It’s relaxing and one of those ‘little things’ moments.

3. Fresh Flowers
Something that really puts a smile on my face is a trip to the florist or even to Aldi for some cheap flowers, cutting and arranging them. They make my flat look better and fresh flowers are the icing on the cake for me. The ones in the picture were from Aldi for about £2.50, not to bad ey?

4. Completing a to do list
There is no better feeling than completing a to do list. You feel like you’ve accomplished something, well until you write your next one!

5. Cooking/Baking
I love trying new recipes and different ways to cook in the kitchen. I find it very therapeutic and it’s so nice to sit down to a meal you can really enjoy and you’ve made it all yourself. Some people think of cooking as a chore but I love it.

6. The Simpsons
It’s my all time favourite, don’t judge me. I could easily watch this all day if someone let me. I’ve grew up with it and I still remember after having a bath, my mum would make me a marmite toastie under the grill and I would sit and watch The Simpsons before bed.

7. Not working on the weekend
As someone who does work a weekend or two a month, having the whole weekend to yourself is perfection. You can have days off in the week, but no one is about and you just waste the time binge watching tv. Weekends are so much better.

8. Exercise
Come on guys! It’s just science, exercise releases endorphins and makes you happy. It’s so good for you and I feel so much better and confident when I’ve been to the gym and worked my butt off. It’s such a good stress buster too.

9. Getting your eyeliner right first time
You all know how satisfying this is and not having to redo and smudge your whole face and base. It makes every girl happy.

10. Making blogger friends online
Making friends hasn’t always been my strongest quality. I’ve made quite a few blogging friends and recently even made one who lives in the same town as me. It’s Kayleigh Pope and she is an amazing photographer and you can follow her on twitter here. We have lots of plans in the blogging world and maybe even some collabs on YT too, so keep a look at. I love making new friends, so come say hi on twitter and we can chat about all sorts!

What makes you happy? I would love to know in the comments below



  1. Unknown
    February 3, 2016 / 9:34 pm

    Thought I'd drop by (from Rabbut). 🙂 Wow, I'm surprised we have a lot of similarity as to what makes us feel happy inside. Cooking, exercise, and date nights?! *high fives* Hoping we can swap recipes perhaps? 🙂 Cheers!Tiffany @ http://rabbut.com/ I also blog at Medium: https://medium.com/@tiffany.sun

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