Sunday Summary #15

I haven’t done a Sunday summary in a whilllleeee. A few reasons really, I was very ill before christmas and just spent my time on the sofa watching Geordie Shore so it was not the most exciting time of my life. I’ve also been doing a lot overtime at work. So it’s been work, eat, sleep, repeat. Nothing you guys really want to hear about. 

So anyway, first week of January. I’ve mainly been sticking to my new years resolutions, don’t get me wrong there will always be a few slip ups but it’s how you handle it and jump back on the horse and all that. I went back to the gym today, it was the first time in about 6 months. My fitness level has taken a beating and it will be hard to work my way back up and then start losing the pounds. But it will be worth it, I really enjoyed it and it’s such a good stress buster. I’m going back tomorrow, woo!

On Wednesday this week I had a really good day then a really bad day. I went to Ikea and met Lani my live LAGOM team leader. We went round and picked up loads of stuff to help me live a more sustainable life. I ended up with two trolleys full and I mean FULL. The bad part of my day was I found out my kitty passed away. He was getting older and was getting poorly but I was so gutted. I just burst into tears. I am so empathetic with animals and get so attached to pets. I just hope he is enjoying kitty heaven. RIP Mischief 🙁

Me and Scott had a date night too this week, which was a highlight, it was such a surprise and something I really needed. He made my favourite dinner, spaghetti bolognese, rented my favourite movie, Train Wreck. I also got some flowers and chocolates. It was so lovely. I’m a lucky girl. 

What have you guys been up to this week? Let me know in the comments below


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