Knitwear with Paulie*

I love knitwear as much as the next person, well probably a lot more to be honest. To me, perfection would be living somewhere a little chilly, maybe a log cabin. Having a burning fire, big mug of hot chocolate all snug in a comfy jumper. It costs a lot of money but one day I want to have a cashmere jumper. Even some cashmere socks will do to be honest.

Being all snug in a jumper just makes me feel all wrapped up and warm like a burrito before you bite into it and it just falls apart. But theres nothing bad about knitwear! I recently came across Paulie and the amazing range of knitwear. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is high end and a bit pricey. But even just having one really nice piece would last you a long time and you would get your moneys worth.

My two favourite pieces is this Beige Wool Jumper which is on sale for £56 and this Navy Wool Jumper on sale for £48, bargain or what?!


What your favourite piece of clothing? Does it make you feel comfortable and beautiful? Let me know in the comments below!



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