December Goals

December, the last month of the year and the month I can try to redeem myself and kick into high gear some of the stuff I’ve wanted to do this year. And well basically haven’t. A lot of stuff has happened this year. I don’t mind sharing it with you guys as I love you all. I’ve moved out of my home, my grandma has been really really ill. My mum got diagnosed with cancer and I recently got diagnosed with Anxiety. It’s been up and down but the highlight of my year has 100% been moving in with Scott. It’s so nice to have our own place and independence. I could just do with like a personal chef, maid and butler. A girl can dream! Anyway heres a few things I want to try to focus on this month.

01// Keep my motivation to get fit. It may just be the pre new-year health craze kicking in a month early, but I feel this year I really strayed health wise. So many things got in the way and almost prevented me going to the gym or taking time out to cook a healthy dinner. Me and Scott live together now, it’s amazing. So I’m going to work out, I’ve re-signed up to the gym and try to eat as healthy as humanly possible during the mince pie, sweet’s everywhere season.

02// Having me time and we time. I’ve been super stressed out lately and my anxiety has gone into overdrive. It may be to do with all the things being brought up by doctors and all that. I start therapy next week, scary! So I really want to take some time out and just relax as well as have some date nights with Scott. Christmas films, treats and snuggles on the sofa sound like heaven. Not to mention finally finishing Charlotte Crosby’s book me, me, me. She is hilarious.

03// Reading time. I have brought so many beautiful books and ones I really want to get stuck into. I just haven’t been able to with my mind elsewhere and found it hard to really get into one. I have found a few I want to read and any recommendations are welcome. I like to great unrecognised books, I’m not really fussed about the mainstream/popular/everyone has them books. I want to try to finish two by the end of the month.

04// Prepare for Beautral launch. Beautral is my online magazine I am hoping to launch in January. Timing is key here and I already have some amazing contributing authors and anyone else interested please let me know! ( It will be focused on health/fitness/beauty and natural ways to look after yourself inside and out! Follow it on instagram and twitter @beautralmag to keep up to date. I would really appreciate it!

What do you guys want to do this month?



  1. Megan Roisin
    December 3, 2015 / 11:26 am

    Good luck with all your goals! I'm sorry to hear you've had ups and downs this year, I hope 2016 is more positive for you 🙂 Megan xLondon Callings

  2. Amy Tinson
    December 3, 2015 / 7:00 pm

    I'm sorry to hear that you've had some big downs this year but it is lovely to read that you're focusing on positives and these points are great things to focus on! :)Amy • Blog | Bloglovin' | Instagram

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